18 Minute Full Body Hotel Workout

As you know, my hubby travels a bit for work and lots of times he tells me the hotel didn’t have a gym or he couldn’t fit in a workout.  Here is one that I made for him to do in his hotel room, no equipment required, that will hit all the major muscle groups as well as get his heartbeat moving.  For this type of quick workout, you don’t stop.  You want to milk every minute, but you also don’t want to go so fast that your form is off.  Be sure to let me know if you try this workout, it got me breathing hard and sweating for sure!

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Make sure on the push ups to keep your focus forward, not down.

For this workout, each round consists of 2 “work” minutes and 1 “active rest” minute, so 3 minutes per round with a total of 6 rounds.  In the “work” section, go back and forth between the exercises until the 2 minutes is up.  Here are the 3 rounds I put together, go through twice for the 18 minute version or more times if you have an extra few minutes and you’re feeling good!

Round 1:

  • Work – 1 Full Burpee into 5 jump squats (squat down and then explode up, coming right back down for another squat when landing)
  • Rest – Plank hold for 1 min

Round 2:

  • Work – 20 rapid-fire jab punches into 20 front kicks (make sure to squat and engage core) left/right equals 1 rep (2 is 1)
  • Rest – Superman pulses (lay on stomach, lift legs, arms and chest off ground and pulse at the top)

Round 3:

  • Work 5 push-ups into 10 spider climbers (hold on the top of your push-up position, bring one knee out to the side to touch your elbow if you can, then bring leg back down to start.  Repeat on other side, kind of like Spiderman climbing a wall)
  • Rest – Dragon flies (straight legs on your back, pull them straight up together and lift bottom at the top.  Release, but don’t let your feet touch the ground)

This is a deceptively simple workout, but it will get you breathing heavy almost immediately… I know from experience.  I have a love/hate relationship with burpees, but they are darn effective. 

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