Peanut Butter and Jelly ala Logan

Our littles are much more capable than we make think… it was a revelation when I realized this!!  My 4 year old LOVES to make his own lunch, it makes him feel like such a big kid and BONUS: I get help making lunches!  

File Mar 04, 5 58 27 PM

Plastic butter knives are “kid knives” in our house.

It doesn’t have to be PB and J; you can put out lunchmeat, cheese, hummus, cream cheese and sliced fruit, etc. and let them make their own sandwiches or wraps.  I am telling you, it is worth all the crumbs on the counter to let them help.  And you can even teach them how to sweep, too… my littles fight over the electric broom to vacuum up the crumbs, just sayin.  Granted, I have to do a “once over” but someday they will be proficient!  Well, at least a mom can hope!

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