Cardio/ Core

Not gonna lie, I am not a huge fan of cardio… I hate running, just hate it!  But I do it because, well I like to eat.  So this isn’t my favorite workout to do, but I make it happen. This was something I did when my boy was home sick.  I wanted to be outside to use my punching bag, but had limited weights in my garage… so I used a can of stain as my weight for the Russian Twists!  Use what you have…


File Mar 20, 12 20 05 PM

Warm up:

Line hops, bicycles, high knees

25 of each, cycle through for 3 mins

Workout: 50 each x’s 2 sets or as far as you get in 35 min total

⁃ double unders or 100 single jump ropes (if no rope, high knees 2 is 1)

⁃ Star crunches

⁃ Side kicks on punching bag 25 per side (or air if not bag)

⁃ Bicycles 2 is 1

⁃ Weighted Russian twist 2 is 1 (use whatever you have)

⁃ Plyo single leg glute bridges (single leg flute bridge w/jump)

⁃ Scissor kicks 2 is 1

⁃ Speed punches on bag (or air if no bag)

⁃ Dragon flies (straight leg lifts, then lift up bottom at the top)

⁃ Star jumps


⁃ 10 hill sprints (2 with empty garbage cans as weight)

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