Throwing Around Some Weights: Upper Body Day

My favorite days are weight days… I just love the feeling of lifting heavy weights and seeing the muscles getting more defined!!  I have always been short and “big boned” as everyone liked to say… so I always felt like I was built for power, not speed.  Although I have gotten faster with my running and have seen improvement with my Athletic Conditioning, weight training will always be my first love…  This is one I made up when my son was home sick from school.  I used the bands and adjustable dumbbells my husband has in our bonus room.

Warm up:

Alternate Pushups and shoulder taps into inchworms- 3 mins

Workout: 35 mins 3 rounds, 20 reps round 1, 15 reps rounds 2 and 3

  • Lateral band pull downs (lay with band attached to bottom of weight bench, handles by head, pull them with straight arms down by sides)
  • Seated rows with band
  • Alternate hammer and cross bicep curls
  • Arnold press
  • Skull crushers
  • Chest press with legs up
  • Triceps dips


Max push-ups until failure

File Mar 12, 12 52 39 PM

Attempting to live FEARLESS

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