Pre-Road Trip Workout

So this morning we were gearing up to drive to Florida for a day at Disney and then a weeklong cruise (yay!). With this meant TONS of things on my plate. When there is a family vacation, I pack for myself, both kids, the dog, clean the house, use up everything in the fridge, charge and download content for tablets, buy road trip snacks/coloring/games and my hubby… packs for himself 🙃. Sound familiar??

I was feeling crummy yesterday, so I didn’t get a workout in. Because there were so many tasks to accomplish before picking up the kids from school at noon, it was looking like I may not be able to work out again this morning! I was staring down the barrel of an 8 hour car ride with two kiddos without working out in two days!

Nope, not acceptable.

I set aside 25 minutes to get in a quick, nonstop, full body workout to engage all the muscles. And because I was crunched for time, I used dropping off something in my neighbor’s mailbox as my warm up! #multitasking Ran there and back, sprinting my driveway hill in the process.

Here is the workout I came up with and let me tell you, I sweat my butt off! Granted it was humid and raining (hill sprints in the rain, anyone?) but it turned out to be a good workout. I made it 3 full rounds in the 25 minutes. And you can totally do this without the punching bag, just do air punches and kicks. It’ll still be a scorcher!

If you’ve never taken kickboxing, here is a rundown of the moves:

– Cross: punch your fist from shoulder to shoulder, across your body

– Jab: punch fist straight out from your body starting at shoulder

– Roundhouse: stand sideways, weight on back foot and lift front foot sideways up. Kick with shoelaces.

Make sure to kick with your laces or you’ll hurt your foot!

There are also short clips showing the form below of the first 3 exercises.

What are your go-to moves for a quick workout? Any “must-have’s” for road trips with little ones?

Two hours down and both littles took a nap and are enjoying books and snacks.

Wish me luck…

Roundhouse Kick

Cross Punch

Jab-Jab Kick

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