Working Out on a Cruise- Be Flexible

People who follow my Instagram know I try really hard to workout a little on vacations. I am eating a lot of not so healthy foods, not to mention drinking a lot of adult beverages, so I try to balance it by fitting in a workout a couple of times when I am away.  Makes me feel a little better about my bad choices!

We were on a cruise this week and one morning, I woke up early and tried to go back to sleep… but it wasn’t coming so I decided to hit the gym. I laid in bed and put together a leg workout based on the equipment I saw in the gym the day before, snuck into the bathroom and quietly got dressed… only to come out to my 6 year old standing at the door.

Mom, I want to come work out with you, too!

At first I said no. I told her to stay in the room, she had to be older to use the gym, I was looking forward to my leg day… but the look on her face and the fact that she wanted to be with me, to do something that I loved, how could I say no?

Getting our flex on!

So I reworked a kid friendly workout we could do on the running path around the ship, the stairs, etc. It wasn’t nearly as long or as hard of a workout as I planned, but she was so proud of herself for doing a “real workout”! She kept calling me “coach” during the workout and worked hard. I was able to do a sweat session with my girl and she enjoyed it! That’s a win in my book! She even voluntarily did Burpees as a finisher back in the room! (Sniff, sniff) Proud Mama moment!

I made it to the gym 2 other times, took the stairs whenever I could, climbed the rock wall with my girl and I did this crazy water inflatable park with the kids, which was a fantastic upper body workout pulling myself (and numerous kids, including my own) up and swimming all over the place!

Good squat form!  

Was I as active this week as usual? No way! But I made an effort to find ways to move and I also made precious memories with my babies while they still think I’m cool. They are growing up way too fast and while my health is very important to me, so is living in the moment. You really can do both, if you are a little flexible.

We had an awesome week, spending tons of quality time together. That is the reason I go on vacation, to make lots of memories with my favorites. Oh, and we napped… a LOT!

What are the ways you all stay active on vacation without sacrificing quality time?

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