Summer Sanity… Part Duex

So we’ve past the 4th of July and we are in the thick of it… and I am happy to say so far, I’m surviving!

We are at the point, however, where we’ve been spending a TON of time together. With a 6 and almost 5 year old, tensions sometimes run high. And to put a cherry on top, my 5 year old has decided he’s no longer napping, which is good in the fact that we don’t need to be home at a certain time of the afternoon and it makes things a little more flexible. But he is a bear when he doesn’t sleep enough. I’m talking waiting for his head to spin around, crazy person! So earlier bedtimes whenever possible have been instituted, like 6:30 PM!

While we’ve been having a lot of fun and utilizing the charts I talked about in part 1, I’m still seeing way to much rudeness with my kiddos.

So like any good mother who was raised in the 80’s would do, I took a cue from Mama Bear (of the Bernstein Bears fame) and the book Forget their Manners. I made a manners chart with consequences for various behaviors, giving them a set cause and effect of the behavior.

First Try

Now Mama Bear has her cubs doing extra chores as consequences and while it worked with Brother and Sister Bear, in the real world it actually caused me MORE stress to try and get my kids to sweep, dust, or wipe a dang counter properly.

Let’s be honest, a 5 year old doesn’t do a very thorough job sweeping floors!

So I went to my exercise roots and made the consequences simple moves, i.e. 10 jumping jacks for Rude Language or Actions. My thought, it gets their brain out of the frustration/ anger/ boredom/ etc. and focuses on the movement. Also, burns some of that energy and calms them, so you can have a more productive conversation after the consequence is done. “What can we do when we get angry instead of hit?”

Updated Chart

I know this won’t work for everyone. My kids love to exercise as it makes them feel big. They watch hubby and I exercise all the time, so the moves are not foreign to them. It is working for us so far…

Nothing is perfect, obvi, but I am optimistic that this will help reel in some of the behaviors that have me up worrying at night “Is my child a demon?”

What are some tricks you’ve used to survive summer so far? Would love to see your comments below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

Good luck out there, everyone!

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